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The Parallel Intake Mine Ventilation System

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The 'Total Rescue' Mines Rescue Reference Manual



Mine Rescue is an essential part of every mining operation, both legally and morally.

For a Mine Rescue unit to be effective, Mine Rescuers must be dedicated, fit, able to work as a team, they must have the support of management and it is vital that they regularly practise their skills and procedures.

Having an effective Mine Rescue unit has many productivity benefits as well as minimising losses if an accident occurs.

The information contained in this manual reflects the author's personal experience, but has its origins from a great number of sources, all of which are gratefully acknowledged.

This manual is intended as a reference guide for those to whom it is properly issued, and should not be used for self teaching.


Emergency Response Considerations

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

Drager PA93

Hazardous Chemicals

Drager BG174

Drager BG4



Fire Fighting

First Aid

Rope Rescue

Case Study - Pasminco Fire

Major Disaster Case Studies


Summary of the Principles of Rescue Work

Guidelines for the Frequency of Practice Sessions

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